Saturday, August 28, 2010

I'm back !!!

Hello everyone!!! I just got back from France and I'll be in NYC in 5 days! Here for you some pics of my summer..enjoy!!

Here I was in Greece with my two best friends and where I met my new boyfriend : )

shopping time in Greece! we bought so many things and it was so cheap! love the colors too!

I took this pic from my boat in France.. I was in Saint Tropez and the sea was so beautiful with this light!

that's the perfect place if wanna relax! A very pretty villa in Saint Tropez and where I ate too much pasta ( italian 100 per cent..just like me!) : )

When I was in S. Tropez I went to the Brigitte Bardot's exhibition.. I love her! I met this man that use to be her friends and he told me some good stories of those amazing years where sex and drugs were just two words..

PS:I'll try to upload more pics as soon as I can! : )