Monday, February 1, 2010

alice in wonderland by TIM BURTON

Whenever you say tim Burton's name you instantly think about another famous person: Jhonny Deep.
The magic couple is back with a NEW NIGHTMARE which is very similar to the visual world that Tim created in " the nightmare before Christmas" few years ago.
If you love Tim's movies and cartoons as I do, you can't miss Tim Burton exhibit @ Moma (NYC) ....he'll be there until FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 2010!!!
Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures cause was forbidden but, trust me, it's worth it!
Aahhhhhhhhhhh can't wait to see tim's new masterpiece!
enjoy the pics!!

Johnny Depp and Tim Burton : )

Johnny Depp: the mad hatter!!!!!

Mia Wasikowska: Alice

Anne hathaway: the White queen ( I'm very curious to see Anne playing this unusual character)

Helena Bonham Carter: the red queen

Matt Lucas: TweedleDee & TweedleDum

If you need more info about this amazing movie click here!


  1. Oh wow!! This looks like it's going to be amazing! Very excited!

  2. Yeah I know!!! can;t Wait!!!
    follow me if u want : )

  3. I can't wait to see this movie!!!
    Good luck with the Benetton contest!!