Saturday, April 24, 2010

i'm back!

hey guys! I'm sorry if I didn't post anything for such a long time! I have been very busy with my final project at school and other stuff!
School is almost over and I can't wait to come back in Italy for summer... good food, old friends and my family of course!
This time I decided to post my favorites pics, including those made by best friend for NYC: karina vidal.
enjoy!! : ))

Pic by Karina Vidal

Karina and I - NYC

Super-man and I - taken by Karina Vidal, NYC


  1. haha i love these old Kate and Johnny pics...
    they were so cute together dont you think???
    i am looking at art schools and you mentioned you have been buisy at one...
    which one?

  2. omg i totally love them! i am attending sva (school of visual art) in nyc ..which major do u prefer???