Tuesday, September 7, 2010

back in NYC!

Oh, hi New York! I missed this city so much !
I took already so many pics cause here everything is so different!
I Hope u like it : )

that's my new apt in Greenwich Village! I LOVE IT and I'll took some pics of the inside as soon as I can : ) The building is so european..that's why I like it !

Mrs Blue. I saw her at AT&T store..I think she's Great!

this is one of my favorite store in Soho.. there are so many flats *.*

Awwwww isn't she cute??? (so New York btw..)

He's for you girls (and boys)! a HOT boy from Abercrombie : )

I know you don't care but...- 30 days and I'll see my babe again ... : )


  1. awesome photos! i love NYC so much. definitely show us some pics of your appartement :)

  2. eheheh i bought the bed yesterday so... i guess in 6 days i'll be able to take some pics! : )

  3. getting to live in nyc... you lucky girl!! and big love for the xx


  4. lol this guy makes the same face in every fucking picture lol

    - karina

    oh and txt me if you wanna take pics tonight or tomorrow, im editing the fno footage right now

  5. ahahaha yeah just in this 2 pics!! i thought it was funny ahahahah